Passion never dies. It grows stronger every day.

Through years of musical experience in the Dallas music scene and intense study at Berklee College of Music, James Giannoni has formed a sound that is both unique and versatile on the bass. From fusion and jazz, to funk or pop, James has been thrown into a multitude of musical situations, always managing to find a way to thrive within the context.

His musical inspiration comes from a deep passion for improvised music, groove, and melody. “Every nuance in a song is a piece of melody, no matter how simple the part. We sometimes overlook that stuff, the small details that could make or break the music for someone else.”

Recently experimenting as composer/leader in a jazz trio setting, James has also acted as sideman in the studio to artists such as Darren Barrett, Omar Offendum, Maher Beauroy, Jorge Romano, Maxime Cholley and many more.

He currently uses Aguilar amps and cabinets, his custom jazz bass, and MXR/Boss/Aguilar pedals.